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  • Situated on ten acres north of Prescott and overlooking Willow Lake, the sanctuary has many opportunities for visitors including a covered picnic pavilion; a children’s playground; interactive animal experiences; and large, naturally landscaped enclosures for the animals with paths that allow visitors the opportunity to get an up-close and personal view of them. One of the most interesting exhibits, and one which is unique to the Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary, is the Tarantula Grotto. This building has a distinctiveshash on bear cropped cave-like feel, and houses different spiders from all over the world This is one of the largest public displays of spiders in the country. Currently under construction is a 2,600 sq. ft. state-of-the-art Reptile House, which will be home to countless species including a 13 ft. Burmese Python; gila monster; geckos; skinks; iguanas; crocodilians and monitor lizards.

    Other members of the sanctuary’s collection include a tiger who came from a zoo in Nebraska that lost its permits; an American Black Bear who came to the sanctuary as a cub when his mother was illegally shot by a hunter; a gray fox who was rescued as a youngster from the Phoenix area where she found alone and half drowned near a pool,; and a mountain lion who was confiscated through a joint effort between HPZS and AZ Game and Fish, after she was found being kept illegally as a pet in Arizona.

    gazeboHeritage Park Zoological Sanctuary also has a prestigious role as participant in the American Zoo and Aquarium Association’s Species Survival Plan for the critically endangered Mexican Gray Wolf, one of the most endangered large mammals in the world. After a 20-year absence in the wild, this animal is being reintroduced to its former range following a successful captive breeding program. The sanctuary is a holding facility for wolves not currently ready for release.

    This non-profit organization relies heavily on a large body of devoted volunteers to keep the sanctuary running. Volunteer opportunities include: assisting with landscaping and construction projects, helping in the animal care department, working in the gift shop, and participating in the docent and educational outreach programs. The sanctuary hosts a number of special events throughout the year, such as Zoofest, Eggstravaganza, Boo at the Zoo,  moonlight events and Zoo Camp for kids.

    The sanctuary’s motto is “Conservation through Education,” and it is a mission that this facility services with pride. ACIMG1738s many of the wild places of the planet are disappearing and zoos become the last sanctuary for much of the world’s wildlife, Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary offers a home for animals who have no other. This sanctuary is working to give something back – helping to restore some balance and trying to tip back the scales for animals who have lost so much. Through educating the public, Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary hopes to help ensure the sustained existence of wildlife species throughout the world.

    Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary is open every day of the year and located off of Willow Creek Road across from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, at 1403 Heritage Park Road in Prescott. Admission prices are very reasonable: $8 for adults (ages 13 and up), $7 for seniors (age 65 and up), and $5 for children ages 3 to 12. Animal adoption and membership opportunities are available.

    For more information on the sanctuary and how you can become involved, call (928) 778-4242.


  • Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary boasts large, naturally-landscaped enclosures for the animals and walking paths to allow visitors the opportunity to get an up-close and personal view. As animal well-being is the highest priority at HPZS, much of the space animals have available is "off display" and not visible to visitors. This ensures that animals have the ability to take themselves out of view at their choosing, leading to a low stress life style.

    Currently under construction is a 2,600 sq. ft., state-of-the-art reptile display building, which will house many different snake species, including venomous and large constrictors; a Gila Monster; and an amazing variety of geckos, skinks, iguanas, crocodilians and monitor lizards.


    The Tarantula Grotto has a distinct cave-like feel, and houses 11 different spiders and other invertebrates from all over the world.
    Rattlesnake Jake’s Jungle Splash
    The splash pad is open for fun throughout the summer between the hours of 10 and 4 daily (weather permitting). Bring your swim suits and get ready for some wild water fun!

    The experience is free so don’t sweat the summer - head head on over to the zoo!

    Kiwanis Korner

    Made possible by Prescott Kiwanis, the Kiwanis Korner animal encounter area opened in April 2011.

    kiwanis Animal Encounter Area: 

    Children and adults alike can brush and pet goats and learn a little about what it takes to care for livestock.

    wallabywalkaboutWALLABY WALK-abOUT

    The new Wallaby Walk-About opened in April 2011.  This new enclosure, located across from the Steel Praying Mantis is a completely new type of exhibit.  Visitors are permitted to walk into the Wallaby enclosure and are only separated from the Bennett’s Wallabies by a rope. 

    Wally and James, the two Bennett’s Wallabies, arrived at Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary in 2009.  They were surplus animals from another facility in Arizona. Bennett’s Wallabies are native to Australia and New Zealand.   
    Wallaby Walk-About was made possible through a generous donation from The Harold James Family Trust.

    Tent wedding Sept  2010 006Rental Space

    Several areas of the facility are available for general use by visitors, but can also be reserved for private functions like weddings, family and corporate picnics, birthday parties, and reunions.

    Options exist for all group types and sizes. For small groups, consider the Gazebo. Medium groups may enjoy the Pence Pavilion. The largest groups may rent the Event Center.

    Even the Kiwanis Korner Ramada may be rented , by special reservation. For more information visit Group Rentals or call the gift shop at (928) 778-4242.
  • Enjoy the Day

    Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary can be a full-day experience Bring a lunch and enjoy it at one of the many picnic tables throughout the park. Come for a special event. Shop in the gift shop with your new member discount. Rent a space for your private group and enjoy a party you will never forget.

    Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary offers unique animals on display, top-notch education, and more. There are several ways to enjoy the sanctuary with the cost of standard admission.

    playground at kiwanis

    good goat photo

    pavilion and spider webkids playing-event center-splash pad -free day june 2010 002

    The Animals

    Of course, the heart of the sanctuary are the animals. Over 150 rescued animals, exotic and domestic, from every continent except Antarctica, can be seen on these 10 acres. Each animal has a story to tell and is displayed in a way to allow a unique, personal experience to each visitor. For more on the animals, click here.


    Two playgrounds are located in the sanctuary. Near the main entrance is the jungle gym. This structure has slides, swings, and plenty of space for climbing.

    The second playground is in the Kiwanis Korner and geared to a younger crowd.

    Rattlesnake Jake's jungle splash pad

    This water feature operates throughout the summer between the hours of 10 and 4 daily (weather permitting). Bring your swim suits and get ready for some wild water fun! The experience is free so don't sweat the summer -head on over to the zoo!

  • There are no job openings at this time.

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You can join both Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary AND Highlands Center for Natural History for only $90!  That's a $30 savings!  Along with supporting two great institutions, you receive full Family Membership benefits to both HPZS and HCNH.  CLICK HERE or call (928)778-4242 for more information.  To learn more about the Highlands Center and their programs, visit http://highlandscenter.org/.

Easter Eggstravaganza!

Join Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary on Sunday, April 5th, 2015 for Easter Egg Hunts, Games, Animal Encounters and More! Gates open at 10am. Egg hunts will start at 10:30 with the 0-3 year old age group, followed by the 4-6 year old egg hunt at 11:00, the 7-9 year old egg hunt at 12:00 and the 10-12 year old egg hunt at 1:00. Animals will receive their own special Easter Egg hunt with treats and pinatas.  Click Here for more information.

Concessions will be available for purchase. Event is FREE with paid admission.

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